Wednesday, April 25, 2012

can we talk about my favorite flower? o.k. good. it's in season right now and if you don't rush to some flower kiosk and get yourself some s.t.a.t. you are going to have to wait for another whole year to enjoy them. trust me-you do not want to do that--- buy yourself some of these friends, even if it means you have to eat mac and cheese twice this week cause money is tight! (they are that pretty- that worth it!) they are a bulb flower and thus their season is very short, so you can only buy them for about 4 weeks, where i live anyway.


so without further ado~ here are some pictures of RANUNCULOUS~ ridonculously beautiful ranunculous.

so... are you sold yet? when you buy ranunculous-get them in as tight a bud as you can. they will reward you by blooming in a vase in your casa for about 2 weeks! seriously~
they are one of the most beautiful gifts the good Lord gave us. i love flowers-always
have, always will- i went to school for floral design even and i've had many favorites over the years but when i discovered these i fell in love. they had me at hello. : )

i'm looking forward to dinner out tonight with a bunch of girlfriends at
a bakery/deli i've never been to. i've been told to just
skip the dinner part and go straight to the desserts there~

and i always do what i'm told. (haha)

*changing the subject, but i just saw an ad for the summer olympics.
they are another absolute favorite of mine! i don't have an
athletic bone in my body-but a girl can dream right? i like to think
that i gave up that gene so that these "super heros" could have an
extra dose.

*oh and one other's easier to comment on my blog now, so please try it if you feel like it- i'd love to hear from you! you have to have a google account and they are
easy to open- like nancy reagan said: "just do it"!

hope your day is as sweet as mine!

xo, beth


  1. love it!
    ALL of it!
    skip the supper - be sure to eat dessert AND have some for me, too!
    My yellow ranunculous are in my window sill and bring me the utmost ~JOY~
    Love you to Saturn,

  2. Hey Mama! I want one of thos ridonculous flowers now. so purty:)
    And can you save some dessert for me and send me some, dire need of something sinfully delish.
    Happy Wednesday!


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