Friday, May 4, 2012

little ball of fur

a little puppy has joined our family!!!! he's our son eric's pup, but we get to share him~ i hate to admit it but i am not the biggest animal lover in the world. i wish i was and admire those people who just LOVE all animals, but guess what? i saw this little guy when he was 3 weeks old and my reaction was- oh all these puppies are cute that's for sure, but they hardly had their eyes open and there was something on this ones head that i'm pretty sure was poop and so they didn't smell all that good, and i left thinking "he was all right".  well, eric picked him up on tues. and when i saw him my heart just melted! he's so sweet and just loves to be held and he smells GOOD. i mean it- he smells good and he's just so cuddly and darling-i truly felt like i loved him after about 1.5 minutes. eric and our grandson seth picked the name duke for him. it may suit him when he gets big and doesn't look up at me with those darling puppy eyes but for now i've nicknamed him "doogie" (like in hauser m.d.) when i like someone or something i give them a nickname, it's just what i do.

anytime one of us stands still, the little fella comes and sits between our feet. awwwwww

speaking of animals, it's kentucky derby weekend right? do you have a party to go to? don't forget your hat--and drink a mint julep for me too o.k.? it's also cinco de mayo tomorrow---i once had a big party to ring in a BIG birthday on may 5th.

i hope wherever you are and whatever you have planned for the weekend-that it's a good
one. our family will all be at our new place for the FIRST time together...exploring and 4-wheeling, painting, eating and laughing, teasing each other and bonding and i could not be more excited!!!!!!  our blessings basket is truly overflowing and the day cannot go fast enough till we all head north~

hugs to you~ xo, b.


  1. Happy Birthday Weekend Beth!! it sounds like it will be magical :)

  2. Have a wonderful birthday Mizzz Beth:) And the puppy, oh so adorable!


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