Wednesday, May 30, 2012

makin memories~

over the long memorial weekend we had our first company at the "lodge". 11 of us slept from one end of the building to the other and my heart was full. it rained so hard that our basement filled with water...(but it sits NEXT to the building-not under it, ready if we ever want to build-haha so it really didn't matter) and it provided a pond for 4-wheeling fun and one very loud frog to croak from. our old doggie spent alot of time laying in it-using it as water therapy for his sore old hips.

we shared a lot of good meals and we explored the woods. on one long walk i seriously felt like i was in the jungles of vietnam-minus the mosquito's the size of humming birds that is.
my boyfriend tricked me into driving a 4 wheeler thru some deep mud and rushing water that had i known was coming- i would never have dared. afterwards i was proud of myself and felt like i was "da man".   : )

here's a whole bunch of pic's from the weekend~

 old doggies soaked

young men played

boyfriends got introduced- (finally!) : )

bonfires were shared

guys tried to act tough, but i made them laugh...

little brothers grinned from ear to ear~

little boys and little puppies played till they were exhausted...

food that was almost too pretty to eat, was eaten

family lined up and drank their morning coffee

walks were taken...

small doggies were carried over streams~

 rooms were painted more masculine colors-

and new gardens got hoed.

*altho we worked some, we played more and memories were made. how bout you? how was your memorial day weekend? i hope you all squeezed in lots of time to relax too.

i love the photo below. it spoke to me. it made me pull my car over to the side of the road and dig my camera out of my purse. don't you just love that people take the time to hang flags? 

                               LET FREEDOM RING!

                                      xo, beth


  1. Beth, such super pics! I am so stinkin happy for you and your fam that you have such a fun place to be together. TOTALLY LOVE the pic of you and your bro!!!!!! Talk soon! Mary A

  2. Sent Adi off to the rig again! But we spent all last week in Colorado. Posting pics on Journey Junky soon...

  3. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful picture of you new digs up north! Life and God are so good! ((hugs))


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