Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my friends R-o-C-k

every summer my friend annie (technically she's also my boss-but we take turns bossing each other around-it's a good mix-she's the least bossy person i've ever met) : ) has a party for her girlfriends. her guest list tops 50 woman. that's alot of friends man. do i even "know" that many people? annie draws people to her-she quite fabulous if you don't mind me saying. it's such a blessing being able to work with someone like her.

well~ take a look at the spread of desserts and confections she whipped up for all of us last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, she made all of this herself-and you wondered why she had so many friends?)

well she didn't actually make the cotton candy i guess.... and my favorite of all these sinful pleasures? THE STICKY GOOEY POPCORN! yuuuum. the coconut mounds bar like dealybobs were a close 2nd tho.


fri. night friend marky mark of the infamous band, 3 drink minimum rocked chanhassen. they play classic rock and they are fun to dance to. i don't always feel like dancing-have always been self conscious out there- but after observing for quite awhile-i gave in to the temptation and got out there and boogied with the best of them. my hips hurt like a son of a gun the next morning-must need to dance more to loosen them up.

 here a random crowd member took the mic and sang along.... (thanks cheri) girlfriend was in her glory!

until tomorrow then,

xo b


  1. I totally would have OWNED the maracas, had I been along!!!!!!


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