Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i'm hungry. it's almost time to shower and head to bed-but i'm hungry! do you eat after dinner? for most of my adult life i didn't-but heeeeeeey- now i'm often hungry closer to bedtime and if something's hungry you need to feed it right? : )

i'm going to let you in on a little secret-have you tried the new multigrain old dutch tortilla chips? i see no reason to eat the plain jane corn variety ever again- my bedsnack tonight is  salsa con queso with the multigrain chips. try them, you'll thank me------------ they are extra crispy-- extra grainy and extra good!


                                             = delishishness. period

at work today we were talking about what our absolute favorite food is. i didn't even have to think about it- i always think like this-
"o.k. so if you could only eat ONE more time in your life-and you could have ANYTHING you wanted, what would you choose"? the drama of it being the last supper makes it all the more fun to ask someone.
* it's shrimp-crab or lobster for me-they have been my favorite foods since my teens. (i hadn't even tasted them until then-how pathetic is that? think of the years i missed out-haha)

what would your last supper consist of? we're not talking calories here-or price, nutritional value or availablity- just pure pleasure---- i really want to know~

                                                    doesn't this make your
                                                          mouth water???

                                                      me here- salivating, b.

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  1. do you know who absolutely positively LOVES Salsa con Queso??? MY HUSBAND!!!!!! :D Your other BFF!
    My last supper?
    Pizza Hut pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not. even. kidding.
    didn't even have to think twice!
    i love you.


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