Thursday, May 24, 2012

it rained cats and dogs...and one big turtle~

-last night my hubs was getting into bed and he yelled to me out in the living room "hon-look out on the berm!" (if you don't know what a berm is, it's a man made hill, we have a pretty good sized one in our back yard to block the road.) I hurried to the window and looked out. it was raining, and i DO mean was raining cats and dogs. i thought maybe he'd spotted deer on the top of our hill-but low and was a snapping turtle and it was a BIG one. it was crawling slowly but steadily right along the top of the berm and the street light right behind was back lighting it in such a way in the pouring rain that it was like something outta jurassic park-and i'm not kidding!!!
i yelled to lars "hon, will you run out there and take a picture?" he didn't even hesitate before yelling back "no, i won't!!!"  (guess i don't blame him, it was- might i remind you-poooouuuuring rain and he was all showered, dry and crawling into bed.)
*** and he doesn't even have a blog. what e-v-e-r!!!

well being the dedicated nature lover and blogger that i am, i didn't hesitate- time was running out-after all, the old crustacean was crawling steadily away from my house....i slammed my feet into my flip flops, grabbed the camera and went flying out the door thinking "this can't be good for my camera, or my hips and i hope i don't fall down and break one, how will i explain that to the paramedics" - (we have a big back yard and the water runs thru it like a creek during a good rain.) i got a few pictures and bid him ado- and booked it back to the house- sopping wet but happy.
man what i don't do for you people huh? i am willing to go out on a limb and up on a berm. : )

            well take a look at the old girl (-i'm thinking it was a female who just crawled up outta the pond to lay her eggs.)

there were raindrops all over my lens-duh.

and then she was gone.
good luck crossing the road now buddy-and maybe we'll see you again some time~

5 inches of rain later,

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  1. Oh my goodnessgracious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures! Outta this world I tell you!!!!
    Way to go outside in the torrential rains and capture such a neat moment!


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