Friday, May 25, 2012

it's prom time. prom is a rite of passage ~right? once upon a time in a tiny little town, it was a big deal to me. it was a big deal to all my friends too. oh it was different then-many of us sewed our own dresses -my gram made mine-. we did our own hair and makeup-we rode there in our parents "good" car-probably a pontiac. we polished our own nails and if we had white skin, we had white skin.
white skin was in!!!!!

because i will be gone this weekend, there won't be any blog posts from muwaaa-but i decided i'd leave you laughing till next week. below is a picture of me and the boy i went to prom with. i went with him my sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. and then i married him and gave birth to his 3 crazy and remarkable kids.

the end.

i'd just like to note that i had not shaved my head, my hair was pulled back in some very stylish style and i never thought the boyfriend would have anything but thick luxurious hair.


thank you to anyone who ever served in the armed forces - i honor you and appreciate my freedom!!!

                                                                            xo, beth


  1. ohhhhhh how i LOOOOVE this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Beth -- do you realize just how much you look like your Mama in this picture??? Awesome!

  3. Holy Shit. I thought that was Adria! (Don't tell her that.)

  4. This Picture is priceless! LOVE IT!!


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