Monday, May 21, 2012

friends! i have a computer again!!!  i am not too proud to admit that i may be a bit addicted to it. going without it for over a week left me a bit shanky, cranky and discombobulated. (now that's a great word!)
my good ol'cousin mikey fixed it for me. dude's a smarty pants-he can fix most anything-i owe him-big time-  : )

trouble is tho, now i can blog again and i don't even know where to start-it's like whoa-a whole lot has happened-but now it's old news maybe? should i go back and to what?

well here's what i've decided, i'm going to go random- crazily random...what follows is a whole bunch of pictures as usual-but they're snippets of what's been goin on in my life since "the big crash".

we'll start with moving into the cabin and proceed from there, o.k.?

here's the view as we drove down the driveway on the day it was finally ours~ can you see the deer on the right? two of them darted across the way and it seemed like a sign to me- a sign that we had found the land we were meant to find-almost a blessing from my mother and father in law to us.

the previous owners were still moving out as we were moving in-they were even nice enough to help us unload our trailer for a while! this room you're looking at? our living room. how great is that? bet you don't have a extra big garage door in your living room. let's just say it's "industrial". we'll be able to move a pool table in real easy someday right?

it may or may not be all about the new puppy our son just got. he had us all lovin him within about 2 seconds of his arrival-hello duke! (doogie to his friends)
 here is the black beauty-the cupboard i refinished for the cabin. we will paint or jazz up the wall it sits against when we get time.

this here is heaven for my hubs...he took his best bud, blaze and the new pup duke out for a walk and he's packin heat in case smokey the bear (whom we now know lives on our land) comes a knockin.

so here's a pic of lars and i after hours of unpacking and cleaning-sharing our first meal there- i had canned soup, he had ravioli-cold straight outta the can. i at least poured mine in a bowl and heated it. we were-admittedly exhausted and it showed... haha


well, it took me a looooong time to post this-having some annoying issues with the picture uploads so i'm saving the rest of my catch up photos for later in the week,

 it's GREAT to be back!

xo, beth

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  1. Dear Doogie,
    My nose may never been the same... ya know... the one your claw pertinear went thru!? Yah, that one! :) LITTLE RASCAL!


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