Tuesday, May 22, 2012

so, you know i recently had a birthday right? well lookie here
what one of my besties gifted me with on fri.!  be still my heart- i'd admired this at her casa and teased her that she should have a garage sale and sell this real cheap a.s.a.p and her generous heart decided that she'd enjoyed it for long enough and she'd pass it on to me! seriously! and check out the daily planner next to it- also from her-and from (as i call it) anthro-freaking-pology. : )
*mama likey*

this is another good friend of mine. she's loved mini ponies her whole life and she recently found a great opportunity to volunteer with them. she's got a servants heart and i think this is going to make her heart very happy. this is mary and cocoa- how cute are they together?

now, can we talk about these divine pillows? ummm hmmm- yard sale find! $3 ea.  and they had removable covers so i could take them off-wash and iron them and they're april cornell and they are going to my cottage themed boudoir at the cabin.

i love olivia. i may be a little old for cartoons, but what the heck? i don't often actually watch her show-but when i do my socks are pritnear charmed right off! i have a treasured small collection of little stuffed olivias and i had this one on the bed to welcome a dear girlfriend when she stayed overnight on sat. (she gave her to me in fact) she's in her p.j.s too!

*bedprizes are a tradition with she and i-her momma started it- when any of us stays over with the other-there WILL be something sweet waiting for you on your pillow- and the anticipation is almost more than we can stand. it doesn't have to be expensive-just a little somthin-somethin to give you good dreams. well take a deep breath and look at what i got (of course from a yard sale--haha $3 ea.) for her and i------- fossil purses!

it's time for me to head to work-
have the best of days - it's supposed to be

xo, beth


    You da bomb dot com by the way!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE OLIVIA and the Fossil Purses (Did you know I'm a fossil purse addict?). Thanks for the pic of me and Cookie-cause he's so sweet (sorry you got his name wrong). BTW my $1 Hair Dryer works great, tried it out over the weekend!! Thanks bunches! Mary A

  3. I'm Glad you dig your B-Day gift! XOXO


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