Thursday, May 31, 2012

be still my heart~

my beautiful, bleeding heart.

can you even hardly stand it? my sis snuck out and cut these from my plants and had them all arranged
in an antique mason jar. simple~ beautiful~ perfect. oh and she also brought me the most GoRgEoUs bouquet of iris, columbine and other pretties from her garden~best hostess gift evaaar.

my flower seeds had sprouted~in the worst soil i've ever seen, up north and i was so excited i had to do a happy dance!!!  i'm looking forward to cosmos and zinnias and wildflowers to stick in vases later in the summer~ now if i could just make time to weed my gardens at home!  : )

                                    xo, beth

p.s. did i tell you that the hubs and my bro saw a real live bear up there? it's no longer just a fantasy- smokey is out there~for real and he is most likely wanting me to join him for a picnic. i have a basket, what should i put in it?

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