Saturday, December 1, 2012

let there be light~s

i am sooo excited to show you some of my christmas decorating. why is it that it's december 1st (hello december by the way) and i feel like Christmas is tomorrow? i feel like i should have all my shopping done and the wrapping at least started. woa nelly!!!  the house is decorated though and that feels great!

i worked hard today...this morning it pretty much looked like a bomb had gone off and that feels overwhelming and it's hard to know where to even start but~ take a look at it now~ here's the front door, head on in.

 for several years i've been decorating pretty much the same, but i mixed it up this year~ didn't put all the same old stuff in the same old places....left a lot
of it in the bins too and really did decorate the living room in silver and white. now without further ado...

yep, girlfriend found the lights and they worked too!!!!

our tree before

here it is, dipped in silver and love~

i saw this idea on pinterest and loved it
make an indoor terrarium with a glass
vessel. add fake snow and some cute

here's the finished project


my friend piles her christmas mugs in a basket on the kitchen counter and i think it's adorable so i did it too. grab a cup and go~
(i store tea in this silver bee skep)

this is the top of the piano


o.k. well  *  how about we continue this tomorrow?

 it's  past my bed time and
i'm having uploading issues.

and hey!!  i've been decorating since 7 a.m.
i think it's the universe's way of saying
sister, you need your beauty rest!
xo, beth


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