Sunday, December 23, 2012

once upon a Christmas

i dug, and dug and looked some more and finally found this picture. i wanted to share it with you . it's my momma, my big seester and i on Christmas morning a loooong time ago. isn't it just the best?
 i love to analyze all the little details in the my mom's moccasins, my sis and i's character slippers...our p.j.s and robes- probably hand sewn by my mom. remember back when everyone used to meticulously drape silver tinsel on their trees? i remember how it would stick to you when you were trying to release it- full of electricity.  : )
i can also shut my eyes and remember how the fabric on the chair in the corner felt- (prickly) and there was a metallic thread running through the fabric. in those days the curtains were often really bold patterned fabrics.

my sis and i loved this little table and our dishes. i think our mom was probably schooling us on the proper way to serve each other coffee. we look like we are seriously taking it all in- and doesn't it look like we're wearing lipstick? (probably just had chapped lips- haha).

we didn't know it then, but we didn't have many more Christmas's together and that's why i especially cherish this photo and the feeling of love it shows between us.

 now gather up your loved ones around a shiny tree and take pictures and make more happy memories o.k.?    

hugs, big Christmas ones from me to you. i'm looking forward and praying for so many good things to come your way in the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         be blessed,

                                                            xo, beth


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  1. Beth, I am absolutley adoring this picture!! You and your sis are so darn cute! I think you must have gotten into your mom's lipstick though, the lips are looking rather full. This is such a precious memory so glad you were able to find this pic! Merry Christmas my super duper cherished friend! Love ya, Mary A


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