Sunday, December 2, 2012


so~ not to change the subject or anything but...last night i watched Eat, Pray, Love. i saw it in the theatre when it was first out, but last night i watched it again, curled up on my sofa in front of the Christmas tree. ( it was heavenly- love me some julia roberts).

several of the songs in it were from my younger days and i was diggin them so much that i downloaded them to my ipod. this one- neil young singing heart of gold live with the guitar and harmonica was one of my faves so i'm sharing it with you too.

p.s. annie- if you're reading this i think you should include this song at your reception when you marry that boy you finally found- you know- the one you've been waiting your whole life for? you both have hearts of gold and you waited a long time to find each other!   :   ) 
* true love is just so - WONDERFUL.
                        it's all foggy and magical outside this morning- play yourself
                                        some music that moves you today o.k.?
                                        it'll help calm your december nerves.....

                                                             peace out,  beth

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