Friday, December 14, 2012

the colors of Christmas

you know if you read my blog, that i have been loving the softer side of Christmas
this year. i've been showing you a lot of soft whites, silver and golds- browns and
greens. here today is a bit of traditional red and green to bring you some bright
weekend cheer~

                                    how many of you remember your gram having these?
                                        i think they were for egg nog or tom and jerrys

                                           curl up with a warm blankie and a movie
                                              (i'm going to watch hope springs)

                                    it's friday- wishing you a great weekend-from the
                                       bottom of my heart. (why do we say that?)


                                                  isn't this scrumptious?

now i want to get serious for a couple minutes ok?

if you are a girl and you are single or married or a wife or a mother, if you have family or friends or a nice neighbor or a dog or two you adore...if you are over the age of 19 then this weekend will most likely be so jam packed with things to do to make Christmas
beautiful for those you love that your head will be about to pop off by sunday night. can i just encourage us- yes i'm saying "us" to take it down a notch? to not make ourselves crazy and to cut ourselves some slack?

although all my photos are yummy and it'd be great if our houses and our lives could look like a picture postcard all the time~i'm not trying to set a higher standard.

can we remember to not get so caught up in the commercialization of Christmas that we end up forgetting what really matters?  2 more people i care about lost loved ones this week and i can't help but think about how as the rest of us rush around getting ready for the blessed holiday, that they are quietly figuring out how to say goodbye.
 take care of yourself in the next 10 days and guard your time. spend it on what really matters and for me that's making sure that the people i hold most dear will find me grateful for nothing more than their presence on Christmas Eve. that's all that really matters.

                                                 sending you a big hug,
                                             from the bottom of my heart!

                                                            xo, beth

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