Thursday, December 13, 2012

break time

i need to take a break from wrapping Christmas presents on the living room floor- my back is complaining~ soooo.... i decided to show you a few more of the ideas i've been collecting to share.

p.s. ellen is on and man oh man do i ever wish i was in her studio audience today. remember when oprah used to have her "favorite things" show? each person sitting in her studio that day would get like a half a million bucks worth of free stuff and go completely flipping 
well ellen is no scrooge herself- she has a twelve days of Christmas extravaganza and gives away a whole sleigh full of gifts every day. i'm watching her audience go BANANAS as we speak and it looks like so much fun...(is it just me that wonders how those crazy funsters get home with all their loot)?

                         kraft paper with stenciled snowflakes and a branch- love it

                                    this is a picture i took and then edited a bit  : )

                               found this on etsy. anyone know how to make me one?


    o.k., i wish my kids were still little because i would so be trying this.
you draw a chalk snowman on your driveway and then the kids lay down. (you will need a ladder to take the photo)

                       someone (who me?) has eaten most of the carmels i made last
                        weekend, so i think i will head downstairs and start
                           another pan of them. if we ate like this all year we would
                                             blow up. not even kidding.

                         oh my i just saw that there's going to be a "best of andy williams"
                             Christmas special on tonight- i think i'll watch it.
                                    in my youth we had one tv in the house and
                     about 3 channels and the dad got to pick what you watched.
                                 if you didn't like it, you could go to bed.
                                         Ho, Ho, Ho, hand me the remote~

                                                                              xo, beth

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