Friday, December 7, 2012

oh i have been waiting for this

o.k., so i know this isn't the seasons
first snowfall....but what snow we had,
has been gone for a long time.
it's december.
december, i love you- but
i love you even more
when you are

                                   this is what our home looked like tonight after dark.
                         i simply love christmas lights and the fact that people spend
                          hours outside hanging them from roof tops and wrapping
                        them around trees etc.   we do that for each other don't we?
                                sure we do it to make our own houses look pretty,
                                 but we do it for our neighbors too right?

                        do you take a drive at least once this time of year to look at the
                                lights? i hope so because it's magical. go with
                           no other intention. don't just make it an extra turn or two
                               on your way home from the grocery store--- make
                                 it special. for sure play some christmas music softly
                                 and bring a cup of something warm.... bring someone
                         along if you can find a like-minded light lover, or else just
                                 go alone....stay out as long as your little heart desires.
                                    fill up your cup till it's not just half full----run it over~
                                    run it over with Christmas goodness and the
                                                        spirit of the season.

                                                       * grab on to the joy *


                                                        happy holidays from
                                                        our house to yours.

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