Thursday, December 6, 2012

all was calm, all was bright...

  last week i had the pleasure to photograph this little family for their Christmas cards again. a year ago we met at the arboretum to do our shoot and they had a big announcement to make~ baby #2 was on it's way!  not only did they welcome another beautiful little boy this year, but they were blessed to build a new home. i went there for their photo shoot and the first thing Jess said when she welcomed me in was "we have no big announcement to make this year"! haha

with 2 boys under 2 the morning was hilarious~ and you guessed it~ not always's a little of the calm a little of the bright  and a few of the out takes. we are after all real, right?  : )

baby's first Christmas...welcome little one~
this little munchkin is slated to be a hockey he shows me
some of his moves
have you evaaar seen such adorable soft curls?
below is this little fella one year ago~
now let's get real.... 
well that's a wrap!
*love you guys...and thanks for inviting me over.
i LOVE watching your family grow. you are
wonderful parents, relaxed and happy- able to laugh at yourselves. your boys are blessed.
hope this made you smile today.
xo, beth

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