Saturday, December 22, 2012

martha stewart you're the best!

i found these darling boxes at micheals and made up a few to share with neighbors and friends- they were on sale- ($7 regularly $14) and i don't think it even matters what you put in them- the box is so darned cute people will love whatever is in them.

after making these up i was dangerously low on goodies, so
i proceeded to make more peanut butter kisses so my 
family wouldn't have to pray a neighbor brought US
over a cookie tray!
a few weeks ago i met 2 friends for lunch and one of them gave me some paperwhite
bulbs. she said "if you plant them right away maybe they'll bloom for Christmas"
well---look at what's blooming! thanks tony! love them
it's saturday evening and i guess i'd better just gather up all
my patience- do a little meditation- say a prayer, drink some wine,
do a downward dog and bite the bullet- i can't put it off any longer, i have a two page
list of groceries i need and i imagine myself and about 7209 other shoppers
will all be at cub foods together!
i can do this- i can- i love Christmas  (the cooking part is my
least favorite though- there i've said it).
i might sneak in one more post in the next two days,
 like you e-v-e-n have time to care right?
ho ho ho
is it too early to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS?
xo, beth


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