Tuesday, December 11, 2012

heads are going to roll

if you live anywhere near minneapolis mn. you know we had a foot of fluffy white snow last weekend. i'm such a kid at heart- i still get all giddy when we have a big snow fall. (i love a good old  snowstorm and all thunderstorms too).
yesterday the sun came out and my world looked like it had been frosted white and then sprinkled with glitter- um hmmmm~ thank you Jesus!
about 20 years ago i started taking photos of snowmen and yesterday i took a snowman drive and found a whole bunch of them to shoot (not literally)- no guns were involved. so much snow fell after most of these dudes were made that a lot of their eyes were covered....it was funny. : )

here are some of my favorite rolled snow creations~

                                     pretty sure this snowman was bigger than my jeep

notice the little basket on her arm?
i know, i know, these are not snowmen...but i LOVE the peanuts gang and couldn't resist!

                                                        taking a bow

                  my neighbor friend mary made this little snowman- girlfriend is a funster

    and here in closing, is the little guy i made on sunday. i hope this post made you smile~

                                              it was such fun to have discovered each
                                   and every one of these creations. the thing about
    snowmen is that they can be here one day and gone tomorrow. 
it is magic to find joy in the little things.

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