Sunday, December 2, 2012

decorating. part 2

well, here's a few more pics of the house all gussied up for the holidays.

                                         bottle brush trees line the window sill

                                       mason jar with epsom salts and a tea light
                              so easy to make, just water down elmers glue and paint it on
                                 the top of a glass jar- then dip it in epsom salts, wait for it to dry.
                                  fill it about 3/4 full of the salts. it really does look like snow~

                     in the dining room i threw some red in with the silver and white.

                                 fav picture of the day~  i propped a mirror in the back
                                        of my hutch and i love the reflection!


                                                 mercury glass candle holders

this is my kitchen window box. my window box in the big city- stuffed with goodies i cut and
brought home from our wilderness acreage up north. (or "up nort" as they say in fargo).

                                                well, that's a wrap. why don't y'all
                                        start a blog so i can see pictures of your
                                             Christmas decorating too?  please?
                                           pretty please with cookie sprinkles on it?

                                                                  :  )       b.


  1. thanks for the love Christina....i'd love to see pics of your decorating too! are you all decorated? it's so much fun when the kids are little~ : )


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