Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 " and still snowing


i'll bet your weekend was ka-razy busy and so was with pictures taken on my fancy new phone (that i can hardly make a call with)is the  weekend in review. i apologize for the poor photo quality- i'm clearly doing something wrong.  : }
sat. i was part of a baking extravaganza at a girlfriends... it included toffee, white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies, caramels, peanut butter cups, flourless chocolate macaroons and the coup de graw...(have no idea how to spell that- but it's a great word) pistachio, buttercream and chocolate granche' macaroons. The 2 youngsters in our group tackled those babies and none of us wonder any longer why they charge around $2.50 each when you buy one in a bakery!

the shortbread cookies prior to frosting


                 the peanut butter cups cooling in the snow- at my house the squirrels would have thought they were at old county buffet!

piles of owwwey gooey caramels

macaroons. we aren't giving these away. they are under lock and key-haha

here's the lone blurry photo
i have of the 4 bakers after
a full day of sugar and cindy's
unbelievable chili- fun day girls
thanks for all the goodies!


i also drove out to independance mn. with another friend to
shop at mama's happy.
we ate lunch at the ox yoke inn on the way home and the name pretty much
says it all.
little town dining at it's finest- i don't know if i've ever
had a finer fish sandwich!

i promise to figure out what i'm doing wrong when i upload my pictures off the phone so the
quality won't be this bad next time, in the mean time, i'm working on my Christmas cards
and can't wait to show you some pictures from the day we went
out to find our tree for the cabin. a couple of them
are on our card and i didn't want to spoil the surprise.
i'm in love with our winter wonderland---last thursday driving to work
i noticed that lawns almost looked like they
could still be mowed and now we have a FOOT of
beautiful white snow.
i kidnapped 2 neighbor friends and we went on
an impromptu tour of area christmas lights earlier
this evening. we were only going to go around a
couple of blocks so 2 of us didn't have coats,
one of us was in slippers,
no one had a purse or cell phone-
40 minutes later i brought them home in one piece, we
didn't get stuck thank God!
4-wheel drive + snow+ lights
add 2 friends &
it = fun!
maybe we'll have a state wide snow day tomorrow?
xo, beth


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  1. Fun! I've been to Mama's Happy too! I loved it, looks like a fun day!


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