Friday, November 30, 2012's friday evening. the whole glorious weekend lies stretched out in front of me... now if i could only find my christmas tree lights i could commence with the tree lighting! i just saw al roker light up the tree in rockefeller plaza and it was spectacular. my poor tree is so dark, so "unlit". i'm looking in a few more spots and then i am headed to town to buy lights. my tree WILL have lights ~ and soon.

i've mentioned before that i like crowns and this little snow face above wearing one is so sweet don't you think? i had a fabulous idea last night and plunked the big ol crown off the top of my piano and set it on top of my tree and i LOVE it. i'll shoot you a picture if and when it gets it lights on it~ maybe it will look like this?

but maybe not...that's enough lights for the rockefeller tree right there in that living room.  : ) cute is this little guy in his baby picture? i hope santa sees how good he is.

all that glitters is not gold, it can be silver too...and tiaras and crowns can be simple. if you have a young'n check out the simple toilet paper roll crowns. all you need to add is some paint, glitter and a rubber band or two.

let's go now & make crowns and decorate trees~~ hey let's wear them while we
decorate our trees. and then if we feel like it, let's throw some fake snow and glitter up in the air and declare
  "come on Christmas!"
 after all, when you read this it
will be DECEMBER~
let's be merry!
XO, beth
* wishing my sissy a quick recovery from her foot surgery today*
*excited that the number of times my blog has been viewed is now over 10,000!
love you for spending part of your week with me!!!!

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