Thursday, November 15, 2012

have you pinned today?

                                                               rope lights

have you discovered pinterest? it is addicting. if i didn't already have a blog i'd start one just so i could share my favorite things with you.     :  )

what do the rest of you do with the fantabulous ideas you "pin"?

here's are some recent favorites~

                                              um hmmm. it is minnesota after all

                                           could this really be real? for real?

 want to wow your friends and relatives next Thursday? whip this up and then slap
                the hands of anyone who has the audacity to mess it up!

                            i knit.  would any of you like one of these for Christmas?

                this is a bit of heaven for a ring-lovin girl. i am one of them. i love rings,
                              but i have a rule: no more than 3 at one time. any
                                        more than that and i feel overdone.
                                        like a turkey- left in the oven too long.
                                           or like lady ga-ga living in suburbia.

 i love this so much i want to run to target s.t.a.t. to look for supplies to try it!
                   i couldn't even help myself. i had to post a christmas idea.   that's what pinterest does to you- it gets your brain just humming.
           it draws you in and you waste
        a whole bunch of time and...well, frankly i can only look
          at it a couple times a week.

                                o.k. i don't want to overstimulate you and keep you
                                  up tonight, so control yourself beth-that's all for now friends.

                                                                   xo, me

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