Monday, November 26, 2012

ideas galore....

       there are so many reasons to love the holiday season.

 the lights popping up everywhere are making this girl happy. driving home from a couple hours west of here last night i was amazed at all the outdoor lighting already shining from roof tops and fences in rural areas. i wonder if our unseasonably warm weather didn't get Christmas lovers out in droves, hanging lights for all of us to enjoy? our tree is standing proudly in our living room, naked as the day it was born (or sprouted)...but smelling yummy and waiting for me to light it up. i even have some gifts bought.
 *last year i coerced my girl into doing all my wrapping, hmmmm~ that was GENIUS. i may be creative, but wrapping more than about 2 gifts makes me cranky. wonder what i can bribe her with this year?

well, enough about me-  :  )   

here is the first of several posts of things i've found and LOVE that are all about Christmas.

                                              did you ever make these as a child?
                                                             i love them!!!!

                      i took this photo in our backyard and added the text on picmonkey

how stinkin cute are these? really pretty easy too if you can find the glittery sprinkles~

                                                           simply simple

i love boxwood, love, love, love it!  i even tried planting a whole hedge of it by my
front didn't even make it through one winter- guess i should just try a
wreath like this for my front door. speaking of front doors- i also am going to paint ours
a different color in the spring. i mean it. remind me if i forget will you? spring is a long way off.

this is just plain deliciousness...antique glass ornaments. oodles and oodles of them. if i had
them in these great quantities, i'd fill big clear glass vessels with them and line them up on my piano!

                                              well that's what i've got for you
                                         tonight, stay tuned for more as we turn the
                                            calendar to december. the month goes so
                                            fast that even if you're not excited yet-
                                         go ahead~  get EXCITED with me will you?

                                                                  xo,   b.

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  1. Cute Henry holiday moment...
    I bought him a snowman sugar cookie from Starbucks. He ate the head first and then looked down and stuck out a big fat lip, saying, "Oh NO!!!!!" pointing to the empty, headless space. Now when we sees any sort of snowman (i.e. lights, cutouts or decals) he yells, "oh no!"

    I've truly traumatized him...


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