Friday, November 23, 2012

here's what Thanksgiving looked like at our house this year~ the day started with
lars hanging Christmas lights. he was going to do it friday but after hearing the temps
would plummet 25 degrees, he got busy thursday morning.

                                 it always starts and ends at the table right?

there was a well worn path to the salted in the shell peanuts before dinner. if you wonder why there are no pictures of our turkey it's because we had ham.

there was a lot of bustling and shuffling as the fam crowded in my tiny kitchen helping clean up. don't be fooled into thinking everyone helped cook though----oh no- mama was pretty much alone getting it all made- but there were quite a few willing workers to help after we were done eating. (there was also one disgruntled helper- you know who you are- and what was that all about? disgruntled?  you owe me, after all i gave birth to you.  
(that's a great word disgruntled- try using it in a sentence today and tell me if i'm right).

it's almost a guarantee that if you have a small kitchen EVERYONE, including all dogs and chimpanzees will want to be with you in there. they may not be helping, but they will be making you laugh!

we'd barely finished getting our "oink" on when i whipped out the rolling pin and announced that i was ready to start making cut out sugar i had some fabulous volunteers. if frosting is involved these two + me equal the three musketeers.   :  )


my oldest made a cameo appearance- dude- you should maybe wear a hair net on your face!

making these is a labor of love i tell you- but it's all worth it when you see them lined up and taste a couple or three. it's no fun doing it alone, but my girl and grandson were there for the long run- love them~ they got to eat as many as their hearts desired. you've read the story of the little red hen right?


it was a good day. my favorite kind. all of us cooking, playing games, watching movies, tripping over each other and just being us- with such an abundance of food that my stomach kind of hurts just thinking about it. this weekend my sweet little niece has invited us to her house to do it all over again! i can't wait~

                                                          xo, beth

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