Tuesday, November 13, 2012

o.k. here's what i've got for today's blessings....

all the incredibly positive people in my life- they lift me up
faith and the people who wear it well, like
my daughter, sister and nieces with their
matching tattoos
skies that never look the same way twice.
like snowflakes-proof that we are all so much
alike, and yet so different
random things
 that make me laugh
laughing feels good. it's cheap therapy  : )
do you hava a pet? would he/she let you put hats like
this on him? hehe if so- pleeease take their picture and
send it to me!
                                   and i'm happy for these last days that resemble fall.
                                    in the last week the temperatures have fluctuated
                                     over 50 degrees- but we're going to squeeze out
                                                     a few more warm (ish) days
                                                          before winter blows in

                                                       thank you mother nature!

                                          * what gave you reason to smile today?

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