Friday, November 9, 2012


one of my "thankfuls" for today is that my 2nd and 3rd born watched a movie together in the basement  last night...and every so often they would both burst out laughing. i was upstairs, but i could hear them & it put a smile on my face. :  )

 is there anything more heart warming that seeing your adult children enjoying each other? it's why we gave them siblings...putting up with yet another pregnancy and the sleepless nights and their teenage angst.

all along we were hoping for this. siblings that would grow up and want to hang together- who would choose to be friends.  oh don't get me wrong~ they've had their moments but....

i am thankful my children like each other.

p.s.  i like them too, and just like when they were little i like them the absolute  BEST  when they are sleeping!  hee hee

what made you thankful today?

xo~ beth

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