Monday, November 19, 2012

homemade bread

well friends here is something to be LARGELY thankful for...

warm bread. warm bread that requires no kneading and can be on your table from start
to finish in under 2 hours- heck maybe even one hour if you don't count the cooling part!

have you seen it in the grocery store? I've tried the italian herb- but there are 3 other varieties i will be buying.

all you do is pour the dry ingredients in a bowl, add water, stir and plop it on a pan (preferably an old stained one so people don't think you are all perfect and stuff) and
wait for it to raise.

                                                  the baking begins ...

the warm, aromatic finished product. make yourself some soup- and some of this
bread. eat. you will be happy and well nourished.  and together we can say "thank you fleischmanns."  :  )

                                        *only 2 days till Thanksgiving, are you still
                                                 counting blessings with me?

                                                          xo, beth

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