Wednesday, November 7, 2012

let's count together....

it's just two weeks till Thanksgiving. What a wonderful, wonderful holiday. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. and food.
and counting our blessings. there is always, always something
to be thankful for. let's count it down together shall we?
let's use these two weeks before Thanksgiving to list our blessings.
             you can make a short list- like one a day,
        or you can go bananas and start a list that keeps
              on going long after the holiday is over.

a holiday that requires no presents is something to celebrate.
*(although i'm a big believer in bringing your hostess a little something if she's invited you over). 

this gratitude tree is a darling visual reminder to make with your
kids or if your kids went and grew up like mine did- make it yourself!

i'm starting my list with pumpkin pie. i made it for the fam on sunday. with real whipped cream. yummmmmmmm  (why do we only make it
in the fall?)


                                                                      xo, beth

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