Wednesday, October 31, 2012


hey- are you reading this?'s halloweeeeeeen and i just felt compelled to tell you
about my love for candy.

i love candy. i do. (not as much as potato chips, but almost).  if you're hangin with me and get hungry, just dig in my purse.... haha

is there anything more beautiful than the notion of putting something simple like a hat on- or ratting up your hair and then going to strangers houses where they dole you out a big handful of candy?

are there any rules about when one must stop trick or treating?

 no??? WOOO HOOO

oh MAN, it's 8:30 already?~~ if i intend to make my way around the neighborhood i've got to get going!

i can't even tell you how much i wish i had even ONE photo on my youngest on the halloween when he dressed up as  "captain underpants" . it was about 28 degrees- he was around 16 and all he wore were tighty whities and a cape. not. even. kidding. 
* my boy had a hard time giving up the years of trick or treating too. : )
                                                         happy halloween
                                                             xo,  beth

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