Thursday, October 4, 2012

do you like to dress up?

my friend used to have this little dog....
he was such a good dog, went everywhere with her,
and was her first "baby".
when she came to visit, so did the little fella and
on this particular day we played dress up
with him.
it was sweet and funny and i LOVE this
silly= fun= good times my friends
this old cinco de mayo sombrero of mine comes in handy when
my grandson and i are being goofy
hi duke! (he got treats after the photo shoot, for being such
a good dog too).
i'm not a huge fan of dressing up like some people, but i LOVE when other
people do.
are you planning a halloween party?
what are you going to be?
are you one of those moms who stays up late
dreaming up costumes and sewing till the
wee hours?
not me...i always encouraged the hobo~and would drag out an old pair of bib overalls,
 or a ghost~and i'd whip out an old sheet. i did make a simple brown fur shirt once that
has been used by both my boys (repeatedly) and my grandson too.
 it can be a bear, a wolf, a hairy man (none of the men here need help with that look) ... aagh the possibilities are endless
and it's in the basement if you want to use it.

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  1. love the dog dressed up! I do that to

    halloween...not a real fan yike lol.

    my daughter is all game! She changes her mind on costumes daily :)

    my son will not dress all. this will make 3 year in a row I will slap a sports jersey on him haha and thats how he will go!


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