Wednesday, October 10, 2012

time flies...


and in the blink of an eye- a whole year has flown past and
today is the one year anniversary of my brown sparrow studio blog.
i've been thinking a bit lately of ideas on what i should do or say
mark this anniversary of me putting my thoughts and photographs
out there for anyone and everyone to see.
well, tonight i was out to dinner with some friends and
my anniversary post just showed up right in front of me!
we met in minnetonka-yes as in minnetonka minnesota right?
well we don't have a lot of movie stars around here-
(although i did see don shelby in excelsior a couple
of years ago-does that impress anyone? didn't think so)
you have to drive a long ways to get to hollywood so
there's not a lot of red carpet type people hangin
around restaurants here....
as our hostess led us to our table, at the table right next to
where we were to be seated, i noticed a good looking man that
looked a lot like james denton who was on desperate housewives.
as we sat down i whispered to luci,
"the guy at the table there looks exactly like the guy
from desperate housewives....about 2 seconds later
mary, on the other side of me- taps me and says
"don't look now, but james denton is at the table next to us!"
"i said how do you know it's really him?" and she said "cause the
waitress told me"!!!
well, without knowing it- i had picked the primo spot
for star gazing and i could look right at him throughout our meal.
even though i was never a big fan of the show- i have watched
it enough to feel a bit giddy that i was actually eating
chips and fresh guacamole while watching him
interact with his wife and two kids...
so, i guess it's true- stars go out to eat
just like normal people...and they put on dorky
reading glasses to see the menu (his wife's probably) and
they have to pay the bill and deal with a bunch of
people staring at them while they eat...
the picture below may not really look like it's him...
but TRUST ME, it was. we were trying to act all
innocent and like we were just taking pictures
of each other you he was in the booth
in the back, in the corner in the dark...
thank God for photoshop. : )


so~ i know that was really random- but it's not every day
we see movie stars around these parts- & i'll admit, i was a bit
"star struck". : )

236 posts and over 8000 hits/reads
i am thankful for you.
like i've told you before, i enjoy writing and showing you
pictures of what the larsons are up to- simple as it may be.
 without you i would have
surely grown bored by now and run
off to join the circus.

i wasn't even good at the balance beam in phy-ed
i'd probably really bomb on the trapeze, so
thanks for keeping me grounded.

    one year down and counting....

xo, beth


  1. Beth, What a fun night! So glad you were able photoshop a pic of him! Boy the year has gone by quickly, more and more grateful for your friendship!! Love you girl! xoxo Mary A

  2. Some of us Minnesotans are very impressed by Don Shelby! James Denton is from Minnesota isn't he? Do you think he still lives here? My biggest brush with fame was seeing the Olsen Twins filming a movie at the Mall of America! I'd rather see James! :)


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