Thursday, October 18, 2012

mama's happy

whoooooooo doesn't love a good field trip? throw on your boots, get in your sleek mini-van (your girlfriends), coffee in hand- program your gps, and head west! it's a guaranteed recipe for bliss.

* add a slightly overcast day- a light mist, gorgeous fall leaves and fence lined country roads and you'll never, ever want to head home.

sat. one of my "bests" and i headed to independance mn. (don't you love that name- if i lived there i'd pull out ALL the stops come the 4th of july). there is an old creamery there and it houses an occasional sale called  mama's happy. pretty much everything about it makes me happy. many different girls come together to create a sale once a month that is making mama's happy all over this big old state. this month they added a whole bunch of features outside, including a circus tent filled with additional vendors and food booths.

 there was music being piped in amongst the trees and maggie and i had a delightful cup of soup on a wicker couch in what is going to be a chicken coop. (i know- a chicken coop- it just gets better, amanda is going to be selling fresh eggs come spring).

                         ever the dog lover, maggie and oliver quickly bonded

 of course the selection of goods for sale did not dissapoint either and lookie what this mama brought home in the back of the van (thank God for maggie's van girls) for the cabin. it may take the place of a dresser in my girls room.

3 is my favorite number~ cause i have 3 kids. i love the color of this baby, the stripes and the big ol #3 on the front left me unable to resist! the quilt on the top here is tattered and torn and the most delicious colors of worn red and greys ($3 garage sale on the way)...i used it the very next day for an engagement photo shoot...(look for pics of that coming soon). if you look closely you'll also see a wooden sled on the end that i'll  prop outside the cabin.

*guess who had hand stamped bracelets for sale here too? me!!! and they sold really well- so i made more money than i spent-always a plus.*

on the way home we stopped in excelsior to grab another coffee. i am blessed enough to work on this very main street. it's a feast for the eyes on any given day.....yep i know,

                   life is good!!!
           i am blessed and i don't
                   take it for granted. i don't
               want to come off braggy here friends-
                i want all this and more for you too...
               if you aren't feeling like your cup is
          half full right now- get out this weekend. find
           even an hour or two to fill your cup- live
               intentionally. as if it were the last
                 weekend of your life! carpe' diem the
                   heck out of your weekend~  : )

                                                          xo, beth


  1. LOVE the pic of you and Mags and the one with her and the dog is so darn CUTE!!!! Mary A

  2. mary, there were two doggies...this one and then a corgie. i was quite smittern with him- loved his polish sausage little body! : ) the setting out there last weekend was absolutely magical. all of the elements of sight, taste, smell and sound came together oh so perfectly! we'll have to go sometime~

  3. I absolutely LOVED everything about this post AND our fun time together! AND the little pup named Oliver! He's to die for.
    YOU are all of it CHICKIE! ALL OF IT AND MORE! Thanks for blessing my life every day!


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