Tuesday, October 30, 2012

can you be 50 (something) and still have silly girl fun? well  i can...and so can my family and it's the best.

 with your besties, you can let your hair down, (or just throw it up in a clip for that matter and don't even TRY to pretend like you give a hoot). makeup? not so much on these weekends. well, i do try the first day- but then all bets are off.

we have wholesome fun- and we make up the rules as we go- some highlights of last weekend were:

 carrying on the tradition of going thrift shopping and spending $5 max to get something
for a gift exchange later in the day and it's hilarious... i practically leaped across the living room to steal the plaid throw that i wished had been MY prize.....haha

i did not however do any leaping to try to steal this exercise collection. my buns of steel
are more like carmel rolls and i just don't think there's any going back! some people love carmel rolls~

i had the brilliant idea to teach anyone who wanted to, how to knit...and then promptly begged my sister to bring all the supplies and do the teaching. (she's a much better teacher than i am).

we came away from the weekend with one new committed knitter in the bunch. cousin nancy did gave it her best shot- but after completing one chain of stitches, she retired and is looking for a new craft. the headband she made will no doubt be a hot commodity at Christmas though.

 we hit up the local casino- but no one walked away with any winnings.  girls smoked candy cigarettes to try and be cool- hey don't judge---didn't you ever love a good candy cig???

                                                yoga moves were demonstrated
                                    (i fear the repercussions if i post those photos)

                                                       kumbaya was sung....

                                 my sis (the lexulus queen) labored long and hard and
               presented us each with a bed prize that was personalized with each
                                       of our names and interests on them.

     suz served us lots of fabulous food and these cinnamon rolls were a personal favorite~

i am not used to staying up till 1 or 2 a.m. two nights in a row though and by the time i drove in the garage sunday afternoon i felt like a cranky toddler who had missed her nap.  : |

            a couple nights of quality sleep later though and i can say- it was so worth it.


                                                          makin memories,
                                                 the good old fashioned way.

                                    disclaimer: *no bras were frozen in the freezer
                                                       *no ouija boards were dug out
                                                       *no boys were prank called
                                                       *no food was thrown

                                           just a bunch of girls, talking smart and
                                                   thanks ladies for all the fun!

                                                                 xo, beth

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