Monday, October 1, 2012

it's october!

wanna see my pumpkin?

(if a boy ever asks you that- just say no)
 it's a beauty~ it is so heavy i could hardly carry it to my jeep. the nice young man "manning" the stand and i visited. he wondered why i was taking  so many pictures so i had to tell him i had a blog so he wouldn't think i was too creepy.

his grandpa grows all the pumpkins and it seems to be a banner year. he told me the bees do all the work- that without them pollinating the blossoms-there would be no pumpkins.

i did some simple math and figured this out~ based on the fact that my pumpkin weighed a big-ol-30 lbs and cost me a whopping $13...that young man should soon be a gagillionaire. there were about five hundred thousand more of those orange beauties laying out there in the field, ripe for the picking.

this one called to me---" you whoooooooooo,  pick me, pick me"
well, without a cart or a carry out boy i lugged this one to my car and now look
at how happily it resides on the front porch
it's sitting on the rim from an old tire- it made a great stand.
luckily we have grapes growing on our deck so i snipped some
to wind around it too.
on pinterest i found these other cute ideas to do
with pumpkins
now if you're feeling pumpkined out look at this
cute idea to do with little ones~
these bones are so easy to make. you just push a
mini marshmallow on both ends of a pretzel and dip in
almond bark. i wish i had a bowl of them sitting right
here in front of me. wouldn't they make a perfect
bedsnack? i love me some almond bark-i had such a sweet tooth
(and a potato chip tooth if there is such a thing) as a kid that
i remember using my $1 allowance to buy a package of
almond bark, melting it flat and keeping it in a container
under my bed. more than once.  i am a freak.
HEY! that can be my halloween costume.
a freak.
it'll come naturally.   < : )
xo, beth

oh i have a big   "p.s."    here:
if you are the elf who left 2 more gorgeous pumpkins on
my porch- thank you!
what a fabulous surprise!!!

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