Sunday, September 30, 2012



 have you ever heard the song oh heavenly day ?
   that's how i'm feeling this morning. that "i just crawled out of a tent in the woods" feeling.
                                                i'm.  in. love. with. nature.

the song  oh heavenly day   is playing on my stereo and i've had my first cup of vanilla/mocha coffee, a bagel and my whole lazy sunday is stretched out in front of me.

i can't quite decide what to do first i'm so in love with this day. because i had company (twice) : ) this last week, my house is all polished up and i have nothing i really HAVE to do today. i do know this, as soon as i wrap up this post, i will put on my yoga pants, a t-shirt, flip flops and strap my camera around my neck, i'm going to put a buff head band in my hair- make another cup of something warm and i'm heading out into the world to capture some pictures of this day.

 i want to freeze it. i want pictures to look back at when the world goes all white and these golden leaves and still waters are frozen up solid.
i just finished reading the book WILD by cheryl strayed and it left
a deep impression on me.
cheryl's mom died at 45 and it left her lost. so lost that she
literally threw her life away. she was headed on a collision
course until she picked up a brochure about hiking the
pacific coast trail and on a crazy, desperate whim decided to do it.
1100 death defying miles~ all alone.
those 1100 miles changed her and helped her reclaim her life.
growing up without my mom was hard in a way no one who hasn't lived it
could ever understand. i understood some of what cheryl felt and i loved her book.
today when i am outdoors, i will think of her and what she accomplished on that hike
and i will be thankful to her for writing the words in her book that
moved me so.
today is a be-YOU-tiful day
i feel blessed and happy
and kind of like crying.
(i cry almost every day, not because i'm sad, but because life is
short and  oh-so beautiful)
life is good my friends-
soak it up.
i hope you have some time today to
go to your happy place, whether it be listening to a song
on your ipod, a walk kickin' leaves
or a meal around a table
shared with people
who love you.



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