Monday, September 10, 2012

35 years goes fast~

where does a lifetime go? in one week i will have been married 35 years. and i am only 54. sheesh~

is it really true? am i really 54? in the blink of an eye- in the dark of the night, in my wildest imagination i didn't know that life would pass so quickly. because it's going by so fast, i don't want to waste a single day. i don't want to have regrets and i believe that's the true beauty of growing older, the desire to live with no regrets. i want to leave this world feeling like i tried not to hurt people, like i did my best to be kind. i tried very hard to teach my children the golden rule- "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". we are all so very much the same inside and that means we all just want to feel loved.

this weekend my hubbie and i went to the north shore. it's where we spent our honeymoon in the days when your honeymoon usually consisted of going far far away from your parents- somewhere exotic- somewhere like duluth mn. 
neither of us had ever been there before and we felt very adventurous.
we revisited duluth this weekend, 35 years later- almost our whole lives spent together, this man and i. we grew up together and married young-neither one of us having dated anyone else-ever. it's pretty rare that we're still together-and it's been mostly really good these years we've walked side by side. we've had a couple scary rough patches and we've worked hard to smooth them out again. that's what it's all about. the growing up and changing and not giving up.

 i am so very thankful to have been loved by this boy- this boy who's loved me since he was 15. this boy who's loved me with his whole heart, who's encouraged me to be the best that i can be and supported me in countless, countless ways. i am indeed blessed.

                                                              friday night
                                       the duluth lift bridge, all lit up

               the morning sun off our deck

i was in the bathroom getting ready and lars came and said, "hey there is a italian man serenading you off the balcony"... well, sure enough there was and i stood and giggled. it was very cool indeed. : )

              we took a long walk towards town and ended up at
    the lief erickson rose gardens- a little slice of heaven~
on the way back we hiked down the rocks to search for
beach glass---- (later that afternoon we did the same thing
and nearly killed ourselves, both falling down
the same slippery slope!)

what is it about these little gifts from the sea that make me
sooooo happy? i have a bowl full from
various trips and this weekend's bounty
overflowed it (my cup runneth over), so
i had to start a second vessel : )

walking back we got caught in a downpour,
good thing girlfriend loves a good downpour.

i know you aren't supposed to pick the flowers, but
hey my grama used to sneak one here and there and
i could not resist.

the hillsides were going all golden-so beautiful~


the nice parking attendant lady offered
to take our picture... right before she
wrote us a ticket. we hadn't sinned, our
ticket had just slipped down on the dash!

sunday morning we biked down to the canal.
it was a beautiful ride. see the picture above?
the farthest point on the right is
where we biked from- hubs napped while i
dug in the sand.
(pretty sure even tho he loves me, that
he wanted to kill me for snoring so loudly he didn't
sleep the night before).
loved my weekend, adore my husband, got my peace back-
i made a promise to myself to get my
house cleaned today remember?
it's time.

p.s. today is my grandson's 13th birthday
he is the sweetest boy on the planet earth-
so thankful for him.

xo, beth


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