Sunday, September 23, 2012

G I D D Y U P !

i just noticed that i am 2 views away from 8000 on my blog!!!!  i don't know who all you are out there reading my thoughts, but i'd sure LOVE it if you'd become a's not that hard. You just need a google account and they are easy to set up!

having followers makes us bloggers feel special. it does. i love feelin special- don't you?

if you are the first person to leave a comment today i just may reward you with a little something handmade -just say'n.

i love you readers! thanks for caring about what i have to say...


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  1. One of these days I will find time to set up an account so I can be an "official" follower! In the mean time I do check every day to see if you have another update, always a great way to start my day!! Love you tons! Mary A


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