Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a plate full of paint

can i tell you a little bit about my daughter?

she is smart and she is beautiful. she is fiercely loyal and independent. she accepts people and she loves dogs. she practices yoga, plays piano, hunts and fishes.
 she is also in love and she is busy and we don't spend a whole lot of time together-so when my mother's day gift was a painting class for us "together" this momma could not have been more excited.

last week we took that class. we sat side by side and we listened to the instructor tell us how to
paint a painting. we had to mix our own colors and in the end-although our paintings were similar, i was amazed at how our unique personalities and ages came through.

here we are, all blank canvas and paper plates with primary colored paints set out in front of us excited and a little nervous. 
aprons were provided, but girlfriend brought her own fabulous one
there were at least 40 girls lined up painting their hearts out- and there were 40 very different versions of the painting at the end of the night. i liked every. single. one of them.

                                                  this was the simple beginning

                this is how each of ours started to come together~  and then 2.5 hours later...

                                                                bravo, bravissima!

it was such a fun evening...i'd do it again in a heartbeat. if you're reading this adria, thanks so much for one of my favorite gifts ever. you are a gift to me.


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