Monday, September 24, 2012

g' morning~

late yesterday i was looking through the whole summers worth of photos and getting ready to order some in print (i know- who does that anymore---well me! i cannot stand the thought of my future generations having no photos to hold in their hands- let's face it- technology is changing so fast that even if you back them up on a disc or a thumb drive- who will be able to access them in 40 years?)

i found this photo of me with some FABULOUS deals from a yard sale and i don't think i've shared it-

 all these fabulous finds were from one sale- except the hand painted deer tray -which i got at a yard sale on the north shore of lake superior. the green basket is now  up at the lodge- full of kitcheny stuff and the topiary is on my long kitchen counter there as well. the black mirror is in my bedroom up north and see the yummy dark green wool scarf ? -it's over a rocker. the long black wooden tray is full of acorns and bittersweet on a coffee table. 

 i have had more fun than you can imagine furnishing our lodge with almost all resale items. it makes it feel more lived in up there- like we already have a history- some depth and substance to our furnishings. now that fall is here i am cozying things up like crazy- with plaid wool blankets and quilts, all kinds of gifts from nature-like acorns, red leaves, orange mushrooms and dried flowers. it's our little slice of heaven.

here's a few more peeks at some great new/old finds from the occasional sales in chaska last week:

these unique steak knives ($4) were made in england (as was my gr. grandfather!) i could not resist the little wooden match box with a dog on it. the rugged leather case ($6) was for binoculars. i think i'll store photographs in it. the blanket is dreamy and i have a thing about things with faces on them. if your decorating feels a bit flat- after working in and then owning my own home decor store i've gotta tell you that adding something with a face on it will make your space feel more alive! this curious little wooden bird had a shiny finish so i picked it up and then set it back down and started to walk away, then had an ah-ha moment and got him. i came home and lightly sanded down the finish and now i can't believe i almost passed on him- ($2).

when you were growing up did your mom or grandma have any of these pretty dishes? they are johnson brothers and again, made in england. my gram had some and i was always fascinated by the scenes on them. i also found an old tin recipe box for up north-which i now need, cause i am copying some of my most used recipes to bring up there- girlfriend can't be hauling recipes back and forth right???

                                                    isn't the label on it fun?

this old cowbell was my favorite find of the day....someone else was looking at it and talking to their wife about it and it stopped me in it's tracks...i willed him to put it down and when he did i wasted no time in trying to look casual as i strolled over to it and picked it up-expecting it to be about $26.....IT WAS $4 and MINE!  : )   it's hand forged and check out the other side~

i thought briefly about gifting it to my sister, but sorry sis- i'm keepin it. if i die first tho-that baby is yours!!!!!  (it would look so perfect with your forged iron crosses- insert devilish laugh). i know my sis was at a farm auction and got a plethora of cool old finds yesterday too, so i don't feel so bad.

                                                do you love old stuff?
                                   i like thinking of the history behind them- of
                                   the people who came before me who used
                                    the things and loved them. our hunting
                                 lodge is the perfect place for these things i think-
                                       - because the lodge is only 6 years old
                                     i'm having fun decorating in such a way
                                            that gives it a homey feeling
                                             -not just a pole barn feeling.

my gram (who was my mom for most of my life) loved old junk. she was one of the original
junkers. she could see beauty in the crustiest old finds and liking antiques was NOT in style
when she was doing it. she would have loved the occasional sales that are popping up all over and tv shows like american pickers. from her i learned the love of decorating and doing it on a dime...she refinished and reupolstered and caned chairs and canned food and sewed, knitted, painted and wasn't the least bit sad that she couldn't go out and buy everything new. she seemed to have an uncanny appreciation for the simple things in life and i'd like to think she left a little bit of that in me.

                                                      happy monday my friends~


  1. I love seeing all the treasures you find at sales! The Johnson Brothers dishes reminded me right away of Grandma! Remember going into old vacant houses with her? Sometimes the floors were caving in, but we still looked for hidden treasures!

    1. oh yes I sure do...she was fearless when it came to looking thru abandoned building sites.: ) Did we ever find anything?


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