Saturday, September 22, 2012

grouse is not gross~

last weekend was a biggie up north at our cabin...all my hunters have been "more than
excited" about the first hunting season. saturday morning they tried bow hunting for deer and no one got one, but midday they all switched gears and clothes and headed out to grouse hunt. there was a prize for whomever shot the first game at our new place.

i'd like to proudly show you who won:

chip off the old block i tell ya. well- not my block- but maybe her dad's.

all the guys went on to get one or two or three (cole) grouse too but i tell you, it made me momma proud when my daughter was the one to come back to the cabin with supper. i cooked some that night and it was delicious! who knew? i'm not a big fan of wild game- but i really liked grouse. you can't order it in a restaurant either i don't think, so it's a delicacy. now if we just had lobster up there- and a hunting season for that, i'd be ALL ABOUT the hunting- would maybe even consider getting up at the crack of dawn and sitting in a tree to get a lobster for my dinner.

whether you're out hunting for grouse, the perfect pumpkin, some beautiful bittersweet,or fall leaves & acorns to decorate with...good luck, have fun and make it a great weekend!

                                                                  xo, beth

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