Friday, September 7, 2012

p e a c e

                i have felt frazzled this week.

frazzled does not work for me. i avoid it whenever i can and try to listen to my heart. if i am frazzled everything else starts to fray.

the kitchen is a mess and there is a bad smell i can't seem to find the source of~

my bag isn't even unpacked from last weekend- it's sitting in the hallway and it's thursday~

my sweetie needs clean socks~

i forgot to mail the things that should have been sent this morning~

what i'm trying to say here is this: it's been a week.

there has been family stress and i am working longer hours because we are in our busiest season of the year- we are gone most weekends and i don't seem to get caught up at home...

but i am surrounded by blessings and i am going to make a big ol' effort to get centered this weekend. i am fiercely protective of my peace. mess with my peace and you mess with the whole darned trailer park.

                                                         so...this weekend
i'm going to go for a couple long walks along the shores of lake superior with my hubbie, wear a hooded sweatshirt, sit by a bonfire and read magazines and i'm not cooking- at all.
then i am going to come home sunday and whip this house into shape, *and get to the bottom of that wretched smell. 

i'm going to light candles and send a few thank you notes. i am going to write in my journal of 1000 gifts again- i am going to go out searching for beauty in all the small places and photograph it.

i love fall. i wait all year for it and the shorter days signal it's here. our deck is covered with leaves already.

    hello fatty catty- how cute are you napping in the sun?

                   here's to a weekend of renewal
                        for me and for you!

                              xo, beth 

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