Tuesday, September 18, 2012


today is my daughter's birthday . she came into this world a week overdue,
 weighing just 5 lb.10 oz.

when i was carrying her i was scared a lot. it was my third pregnancy and i had lost baby #2 in my second trimester. with my first pregnancy i felt great and everything was about as normal as it could be. that baby moved a lot and my belly grew at a normal rate- not with my baby girls pregnancy though. she was a peaceful babe' in utero- so much so that i was seriously afraid that she had no arms or legs. i almost never felt movement. my belly was so tiny that woman would ask how far along i was and then gasp in shock and say "oh no way- there can't be a baby in there". i think veteran mommas thought they were giving me a compliment- when in fact it struck terror in my heart.

my ob doctor did not do routine ultrasounds and i think i was way too young and scared and insecure to really pour out my heart and tell him how terrified i was. i kept it to myself-not daring to speak out loud my worst fears-for fear speaking them would somehow make them come true.

on the day our adria was born, her daddy- being the good daddy he was, loaded up our 3 yr. old and started for the hospital. we got to a T in the road and the hospital was to the left. for the first time EVER he turned right. I gasped out between a serious contraction "WHERE... ARE YOU GOING"??? to which he replied- "oh i was going to show eric the elephants". there had been a circus in town the night before and he had spotted the elephants outside a big building to our right. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" i said (very kindly i'm sure) "we need to get to the hospital now"!

we arrived at the hospital about 7 minutes later and while lars parked the car, they got me in a wheelchair and up to my room and our baby girl waited only about 18 more minutes before making her entrance into our lives.

i was expecting a peaceful baby remember~ she was as quiet as a little mouse inside me. well she was just storing up her energy friends. that teeny tiny, almost preemie like papoose girl took her first breath and has been a bundle of hilarious "charged up energy and fun" for all the years since.

she had all 4 arms and legs oh yes she did and she was beautiful. she had these big blue eyes, a crown of fuzzy duckling hair and the tiniest little belly button you've ever seen. you see- she was in distress inside of me. her umbilical cord was drying up. (can't remember the name for the condition), she had almost lost her life line,  but-she didn't and she came gently into our lives safe and sound~started crying and our lives have never been the same.

i love you fiercely 
 adria dawn,

happy birthday

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