Wednesday, September 12, 2012

inspiration for today


                          yesterday it was 95 degrees but  i'm in the mood for soup. this is a
                                       cajun shrimp recipe...umm, yes i think i'll try it!

                                  i love this idea for a family Christmas card photo~
                  we could do it...we'd just need cute clothes,a calm dog, cooperative kids
                                                   and a perfect day.  : )

    this is a deer stand on our land.
 if you don't live with a houseful of hunters
               you've maybe never seen one up close. this weekend is the official opening
                    of deer and grouse hunting up north. i am the only non-hunter in our
                 family. that means they will all be out in the glorious woods- doing their "thing".
                       i will be in the lodge, making soup, birthday cake and perhaps reading.
       when the guns are put away, i will be out in the woods too-
          walking and gathering pretty things on the paths. i want
        to plant some bittersweet so next fall i can gather those
            gorgeous orange berries on our own land.

                                                  FALL. I LOVE YOU.


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