Monday, August 27, 2012

summer's coming to an end

 look at this bounty from our weekend at the lodge! our kind neighbor shared the zucchini, peppers and tomatoes with us- (so nice of him!) and the flowers are from my garden. we have a small orchard~ about 6 apple trees and 1 plum tree can be considered an orchard if you really stretch your imagination right? - and the pretty little plums and apple in the picture are from those trees.

we've been excitedly watching our pumpkins, watermelons and sweet corn-  waiting for the weekend when we went up north and they were ready to sample. we knew it was a gamble- we did- but this weekend we were pretty sure would be  "the weekend". i brought extra butter and our mouths were watering just thinking about the taste of corn we'd grown ourselves!

there are some pretty happy critters up north right now too. they found themselves an OLD COUNTRY BUFFET folks!!! yep-they did. they found it all. and they ate it all too. we found the dried up shells of our beautiful melons and the outer casings of the big orange jack-o-lanterns we'd pictured. the sweet corn? stripped.
oh well....we were disgusted for about an hour and then we just had to laugh about it. all the hours of tilling, all the hand weeding and watering, the fertilizer and the dreams- fed now to the animals that share our land. we knew it was a gamble and next year that fence will be higher let me tell you!  : )

saturday i came in from outside and found my sweet grandson and his puppy sound asleep on the concrete floor after a morning of playing together. it looked sooo uncomfortable- almost like a crime scene (who sleeps with their head right on the hard cement?) i carefully lifted seth's head and slid a blanket under it and on they slept....precious aren't they? all that good country air just wore them out.

do you remember that fabulous candelabra i bought at an occasional sale last spring? well with a nip of fall in the air, i lit all the candles and got a taste of how beautiful it's going to be when we are nestled in for winter meals.
our friends bob and leslie came for sunday dinner and brought us all kinds of
goodies- not the least of which was this spectacular bouquet of flowers in an owl vase!
now whooooooooooooo wouldn't love a friend like that?
and like always, i'll share my weekend window bouquet with you all~
it's the final week of vacation before school is back in session everywhere~
if you're a momma with chickadees still at home- soak it up,
drink it in, luxuriate in the final lazy days of summer.
it's been great hasn't it?
xo, beth

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  1. such a sweet photo of your grandson and pup! My son (age 3) loves our dogs...he gets so mad when it is to hot to play outside with them... :)

    My oldest started kindergarten this year...summer went by way to fast!!! I miss her soooooooo much ;(


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