Friday, August 17, 2012

reliving the moments~

a week ago today i was heading to this magical place.
these rocking chairs, this porch...the sound of lake superior waves
crashing into shore behind me.
it was good.

my dear, generous friend let us stay in their home that's for sale on the
north shore. it's empty and they've moved out~ but we filled it up with fun, laughter, blow up beds & snacks.
 it will most likely be the last time i will have the pleasure of sleeping there. it helped me have closure.

we threw our blow up beds right in the living room and created a makeshift
bedside table for reading magazines before sleep~

sunday morning we trekked to two harbors and had a delicious breakfast
at the vanilla bean cafe.
on the way we encountered what may have been one of THE best
yard sales of the season. i wish i would have taken a picture of the
back of my jeep bulging with quilts, a floor lamp, books, a small wooden stool,
dishes, a tray, a fan, a hotplate, and i can't even remember what else. for once, the
kind proprietors were all about just getting rid of their stuff. nothing had a price on
it and we'd ask about an item, (and ask we did!) they'd smile and say~ "oh 50 cents". AGHHH~ "i'll take it, how much is this?"  "oh how about a dollar?"  SCORE!!!

this picture cracks me up. it's become somewhat of a tradition
to apply facial masks when we have a girls weekend. when
maggie opened the lid-it exploded!  hee hee

here she is- all fresh faced, gorgeous and ready to head down to the shore~

i've already showed you my incredible stash of beach glass-but girlfriend cannot
help herself- i always come draggin home with a bag of rocks too. i've loved pretty rocks since i was a wee girl. anything even remotely heart shaped gets a free ride back to the twin cities.

don't you just love this picture?

this peaceful creature found temporary shelter on maggie's finger.
(*butterflys remind her of her sweet grandmother nini -up in heaven.)

this cool rock? yep it's in my yard.

we spent most of the weekend with our feet in the water and our butts in the sand.
a favorite, hilarious memory was an old man and his dog who walked right in front of us and stopped with his very aged husky and said~ "say hello to the ladies angel!" then looked at us and said~ "this is angel... she's a lesbian. i have another dog too, a female chihuahua. the little dog had a false pregnancy with angel and gained 3 lbs."

i could tell you about a few other close encounters of the 3rd kind but that's for another time. :   )

we do encounter some of the funniest situations. it makes for GREAT memories!

and this is the wonderful house we spent the weekend in.
it's for sale.
could one of you buy it pleeeease? the price has been cut
almost in half and it's a beauty!!! think about it- we could have it just
for girls weekends. for shizzle!!!!
 i would come-promise!

my dear friend surprised us and drove up with her own blow up bed and spent one of the nights too. we loved staying in your casa leslie- but without you living there this house is
just a house. we had so many wonderful hours there together, working, playing, and celebrating a wedding. it was the best of times and i will miss it, but how lucky were we?

i'll be home this weekend for the first time in a long time- don't know if i'll
quite know what to do with myself. there's cleaning and organizing EVERYWHERE that is crying for my attention but that doesn't even sort of sound fun after last weekend now does it?  back to reality~~~CHEERIO FRIENDS!!!

xo, beth

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