Saturday, August 18, 2012

who hid my bucket list?

oh really...who am i kidding here. i have no bucket list.

i want to have one though i am not a plan ahead kind of girl- i seem to function best when i stay in the day.

i love that a lot of people are dreamers. i on the other hand am a realist-i will pick apart the best of movie plots-finding loop holes and things that don't add up. i want things to add up and if they don't make perfect sense i will complain and beg someone to agree with me that that just "could not have happened"! my mind seldom wanders to the future and all that is to come.... i guess that just plain overwhelms me.

just for tonight though i am going to search my soul and try to be just a bit of a here goes nothing~


someday i'd like to go to tuscany. i want to ride a scooter through little towns
with cobblestone streets. I'd like to stop for wine and sharp cheeses along the way.

i dream of moving to a smaller town again- and finding a house that
makes my heart sing. said house would be charming and cottagey with a small yard & a 
picket fence that i can garden up against.

i'd like to learn to do yoga. and actually be able to physically do it!
(and have the tenacity to practice it).

living near water would be a huge bonus.

holding a couple newborn grand babies would most surely
be the best part of the rest of my life.

oh this is hard....i already admitted it- i am not a

o.k.~i'd like to have my hair grown out-long enough to
be able to wear in a bun. or some style that requires nothing more
of me than washing, air drying and throwing it up in the a.m.

i'm goina need a passport.

i'm starting to pine for a new camera. i take photos almost
every day-without fail and i think i've worn mine out.

learning to speak another language is on my list.

& new carpet. i know this seems dumb-but hey it's my list!

i'd like to visit north carolina and maine again and maybe alaska.

i'd like to see a loon with her babies on her back. oh and a real live puffin too.
(not in a zoo)   : )


alright. i'm exhausted -that wore me out.

i'm just a simple girl with a few dreams in her head.

not so many- but that's enough for me for now.

*are you the kind of person that is always dreaming? planning ahead?
thinking of the future and all you hope to do and see and accomplish yet in this one
wild and precious life?

i would LOVE to see your list.

xo, b.

p.s. i want to go see the movie hope springs tomorrow. have you seen it?
*love me some meryl streep


  1. Hi Beth...thanks for your sweet comment. Made my day. I AM a dreamer. I want to go to NYC. Take a hot air balloon ride. Live near the ocean. Illustrate a children's book. Take a cruise. Zip line. Visit the Oahu and Kaui. I could go on and on... So nice to "meet" you;)

  2. OH BECKY!!!! HEARING FROM YOU MADE MY DAY, AND WEEK! I love your blog so much and am so excited that you took time out of your busy day to send my some of your bucket list! (I'm from MN.- where did you live when you were here?)

  3. I love this list, I actually would put most of them on my bucket list too! I love the Tuscany idea, hubby and I want to go to Malta and the Maldives too!

    And long hair isn't all it's cracked up to be!

    1. o.k. sister...your hair is TOO DIE you may say it's not all it's cracked up to be- but I for one would kill for hair like your crowning GlOrY! : )

  4. I saw puffins in Alaska! Did you know that some of them get so fat they can't fly anymore?

    Top 5 of my Bucket:
    Go to Italy
    Hunt antelope in South Dakota
    Have a garden
    Work at a PR agency
    Camp out under the Northern Lights


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