Friday, August 10, 2012

if you're going to the fair...

BE CAREFUL! I just heard on the Today show that children are getting the swine flu- and a lot of it is being contracted at local fairs- children and swine- could be t-r-o-u-b-l-e. i for one will avoid all pigs this weekend.   "sooooooooooooey"

            *poor little fella on the right- he obviously did not win a gold medal.

in a small town (pop. 23) near our cabin, there are pig races every fri. and sat. night. admission is $3. we haven't yet driven over for them- but it will happen!!! we drove by the arena last fri. and that little town was on fire!!!!! there were cars parked as far as the eye could see. i asked the nice little girl at the gas station- who attends these events?  she quickly replied- "people from allllll over the united states come". well in that case-  girlfriend needs to get there don't you think? 

these pigs are trained!!!!  these are not just any litter mates let loose on the tracks. they are "trained". serious small town fun dear readers-  i can't wait!

i hope you have some fun weekend plans- the weather will be pritnear perfect in mn. i hear and i am headed north. for the first time in many years i will miss the carver county fair, but combing the shores of lake superior for heart shaped rocks and beach glass is going to make it worth it!

xo, beth

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