Tuesday, August 7, 2012

have i mentioned i like a good yard sale?

well, have your sale in a barn and i am over the moon excited. aren't old buildings just the greatest? the history, the charm (forget about the potential mice girls- be brave)... oh the stories they could tell~ it all comes together to just fill my "happy cup" to overflowing. here's more evidence of my summer fun.



the gal having this sale told me some of the history of her farm. this house was built in the 1800's! for real~ this sale wasn't about the "stuff". i only drove away with some garden tools and a hunk of linen- but it was such a treat to walk around and marvel at the beauty - it was a summer favorite. 

 i  also want to tell you about cottagewood general store. it too has stood it's ground since the 1800's. it has always been a general store- (altho at times it has been closed). presently the homeowners that are blessed enough to live in the community called cottagewood, on lake minnetonka, have purchased stock in- and own this remarkable old building. they take turns working there- like a coop and have grill outs every fri. night, parades in the summer, local meetings are held there and you can run a tab there. young readers maybe don't even know what that means! in small towns across america-long before credit cards had even been thought of, you could just go in general stores and local haunts and get what you wanted, and the storeowner would write it all down and trust you to come in and pay later. i know!!! can you imagine that today? well, the cottagewood general store still lets the locals run a tab. i watch the local kids come in for candy and soda when i'm there- and they just put it on their parents tab. NICE!

~hi big gold dog~

i drove over there last week and hung out for awhile- even had a chance to visit with a woman who used to shop in my fabulous store (maybe i should do a couple posts about the store i used to own?) it was so fun...she recognized me and had to go on and on about how much she loved bella pear and how she missed it. : )

and here is what i treated myself to from the store.
(no i did not start a tab. i paid cash.)      :   )

see how the little juice glass says cottagewood? love it!

make it an orange crush kinda day will ya?

xo, beth

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  1. Ok.... WHY oh WHY haven't we ever been there together????? Seriously!
    I want to start a tab there! Just like the Ingalls family :)


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