Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my RX for happiness? candy helps.

a road trip to the north shore with my friend maggie? yep that cures everything.

she and i have so much fun together doing dumb, harmless stuff that it's a wonder it's not illegal. here are some examples~


                                                      dollar store masks

                                      girlfriend is tall... my face lined up smack dab in the
                             center of this cutout...(she was getting sick- don't be mad at
                               me for posting this red eyed picture k. maggie?)

              here we had stopped at the little church she got married in, on the north shore.
                being the goofball that she can be, she got out in the parking lot and was
                  shooting some "air" balls. the pastor's wife saw us and yelled out the
             window~ HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   we booked it to the car and took off!   :  )

she and i are headed up north for the weekend, all my bags are packed and i'm off to buy snacks----  we will drive fast, sing loud, eat junk, stay up late, laugh at each others jokes and comb the shores of lake superior for beach glass ~  i will come home all sleep deprived, crazy haired and happy. does it get any better than that? bye bye now- i'm off to join the circus.

                                                             xo, beth

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